How to Clean Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium posts that act as an artificial root to secure crowns, bridges and dentures to the jaw bone. Dental implants and prosthetics enhance your smile and the function of your mouth, and like natural teeth, need to be cleaned regularly.

Biofilm and calculus accumulate on implants, so it is is important to properly clean around and under these structures to prevent infection and take care of them.

Brush and floss twice a day with specially designed dental implant products. These will help you reach difficult areas more easily while cleaning your implants more effectively.

Fixed Dentures

Brush your teeth as thoroughly as you would brush your natural teeth, including brushing the back of the denture and the abutments. Floss the abutments from front and back to remove calculus and biofilm using specially designed implant floss and implant ribbon to help reach difficult areas.

Removeable Dentures

Remove your denture and brush it inside and out. Brush your gums and abutments while the denture is removed then floss around the abutments. Use specially designed implant floss and implant ribbon to navigate these areas more easily and clean more effectively.


Brush thoroughly around the bridge using small circular motions to prevent biofilm buildup. Use a specially designed dental floss threader to thread the floss between the teeth.  Slide it back and forth to loosen any food particles that may have become lodged there. Rinse well with an alcohol-free mouthwash to help remove any lingering debris.


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